• Prada Fifth Avenue Manhatan

    What Ecommerce Could Learn From The High Street

    Guest Article by Charlotte Barnes The traditional High Street was once a prominent feature in virtually every town and city across the country. However, a change in attitude and preferences amongst shoppers started a death knell for many and now their numbers are dwindling. Instead of mourning a passing era, retailers now must embrace a [...]

  • Protein World Beach Body Advert

    Protein World: Why So Serious

    Protein World have come under a lot of consumer hatred in recent days for their ‘Beach Body’ adverts. The adverts were plastered across the London Underground. The posters ask the question “are you beach body ready?”. Then they push their weight loss collection. A petition has been started to get the adverts removed, and their [...]

  • Magic Leap Elephant In Hands

    You Choose The Brands You See In Your Augmented World

    The company Magic Leap is intriguing me at the moment. They are working on taking augmented (overlaying computer generated images to the real world) reality to the next level. Up to now augmented reality has traditionally been achieved through the use of an app. What Magic Leap are proposing is augmented reality for your own [...]

  • American Apparel Advert

    Sex Sells? Lingerie Marketing: The Two Extremes

    Guest Article by Kayleigh Herbertson There are some areas where the use of sex appeal is either transparent or jarring. No razor ad is complete without a beautiful woman stroking the man’s face (often just as she’s leaving the shower clad only in a towel). Herbal Essences ads of the past cheerfully showed women reaching [...]

  • Factory Farming Marketing Shocking Video

    YOU Allow Marketers To Lie To You

    The Catsnake Film agency have produced this thought provoking film on factory farming. The audience is real, the facts are true, however, for impact the presenter is an actor. The crowd are freaked out ann angry, I would not have wanted to deliver this speech! The talk discusses many of the deceptive food marketing strategies [...]

  • CigEgoCampaign

    An Appeal To The E.U. To Try A New Approach To Anti-Smoking Campaigns

    I recently wrote an article about a different approach to anti-smoking labels and adverts called ‘If you really want people to quit smoking advertise this way‘. I touched on the idea that ‘death warnings’ will not work for the masses due to people’s optimism bias. The optimism bias basically stops smokers from thinking that it [...]

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