• Does Your Marketing Better Nature?

    Life Is Already Amazing – Which Is Why Your Adverts Should Add Lots Of Value

    I was hiking in the Lake District the other day as you do. Whilst trekking through the wilderness wedged between two mountains, a river and no one to be seen in miles I was struck by a realisation. ‘There are no adverts around, and my life is none the worse because of it. If anything, [...]

  • Visit Californias Bob Burnquists Skate Ramp Commercial

    Dream Big And Promote The Sizzle

    The tourist board for California ‘Visit California‘ are niching the area as the land of dreams. The commercials are based on people’s dreams coming true. In this particular advert professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist builds a floating ramp, which he gets to skate on. The skatepark is floating on the beautiful Lake Tahoe. “You need to [...]

  • CigEgoCampaign

    An Appeal To The E.U. To Try A New Approach To Anti-Smoking Campaigns

    I recently wrote an article about a different approach to anti-smoking labels and adverts called ‘If you really want people to quit smoking advertise this way‘. I touched on the idea that ‘death warnings’ will not work for the masses due to people’s optimism bias. The optimism bias basically stops smokers from thinking that it [...]

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