• Monsters Inc Like Marketers

    This Is Why Marketers Are Like Monsters Inc Characters

    In this article I will relate the below characters from Monsters Inc to types of marketers: The Bad Henry J. Waternoose – The CMO scared of change and too trusting in tradition. Randall Boggs – The marketer who loves the status quo and trusts tradition. The Good  James P. “Sulley” Sullivan – The CMO embracing […]

  • Intention Based Morality

    Marketers Should Be Taught The ‘Intention Based Moral’ Framework

    “So actions themselves are not good and not bad; only the intention is important“ Zen Master Seung Sahn (Dropping Ashes on the Buddha, Page 64 ) The above quote from Seung Sahn reminds me of the quote “nothing is ever right or wrong, just thinking that makes it so“. Often a quote that sparks some heated […]

  • Life Is Good

    Technologically Genius, Morally Inept – A Marketers Proverbial Boot Up The Arse

    “We have this incredible technological capabilities, socially we are just a bump of ahead of where we were in the 50s” – Joe Rogan I love the title. Marketers we are technologically genius, but damn are we morally inept. Actually let’s not be too harsh on ourselves, this statement is true for society as a […]

  • Books: Knowledge Is Power

    Marketing Is Personal Development For The Masses

    Studies vary, but it seems that people read between 1-5 books a year. Of this, most will be fiction. Probably 50 shades or something equally as educational. I jest, there’s nothing wrong with 50 shades. I’m pointing out that the only education you will get is in how to whip someone effectively. I pulled out […]

  • CigEgoCampaign

    An Appeal To The E.U. To Try A New Approach To Anti-Smoking Campaigns

    I recently wrote an article about a different approach to anti-smoking labels and adverts called ‘If you really want people to quit smoking advertise this way‘. I touched on the idea that ‘death warnings’ will not work for the masses due to people’s optimism bias. The optimism bias basically stops smokers from thinking that it […]

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